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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant refers to a treatment which replaces the failed kidneys in your body. The transplanted kidney will takes over the work of your dead kidneys. Thereby, if your kidney transplant is successful, you may not need dialysis any more.

What are the possible risk of Kidney Transplant?

Risks for anesthesia:

- reactions to medications

- breathing problems

Risk for surgery:

- infection

- bleeding

Other risk:

- heart attack

- blood clots

- wound infections

- side effects of anti-rejection medicines, such as liver disease and damages to other organs.

What is the prognosis of Kidney Transplant?

In many cases, patient will feel better after kidney transplant. Generally speaking, patients who receive a kidney from living donor do better than those who get a kidney from a dead body.

However, a big problem is the rejection to the new organ. Recipient's immune system may treat the transplanted kidney as a foreign substance and attack it. In order to control the immune rejection, people with kidney transplant may be ordered to take anti-rejections medicine. Due to the side effects of immunosuppressive therapy, TCM experts recommend certain herbs as alternative options. If you have a interest in the herbs list, you can leave a message to

Will my kidney disease reoccur after kidney transplant?

It is possible that your kidney disease may come back even after kidney transplant. Many kidney diseases are damaged by other disease. If the primary disease cannot be controlled, the transplanted kidney may be get affected sooner or later.

It was reported that more than 95% kidney disease is associated with immune disorder. However, kidney transplant only help "cure" the damages on kidneys, but shows no change in the immune disorder. This is why your kidney disease may reoccur. Immunotherapy is suggested for kidney disease, because it aims at reverse the immune disorder and repair the damaged kidneys.

How long will the transplanted kidney work?

Actually, it depends on your own conditions. However, here are two group of numbers for your information.

The kidney survival times for living donations are:

● 1 year - 90-95%

● 5 years - 80%

● 15 years - 60%

Where kidneys are donated from someone who has recently died, the kidney survival times are:

● 1 year - 85-90%

● 5 years - 70%

● 15 years - 50%

However, to find your own lifespan of transplanted kidney, a full elevation is necessary. You can send your medical report to  for a personalized second opinion from our experts.

Is a kidney transplant the right answer for everyone?

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is not always right for everyone. If you happen to be a persona with heart disease, active infections or cancer, kidney transplant will be too hazardous.

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice for Kidney Failure Patient?

Luckily, the answer is "no". Currently, there are many alternative treatments for kidney transplant, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, immunotherapy etc. All of them can help repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney functions, which offers kidney failure patient more choices.

What can I do during my waiting for donated kidney?

You are suggested to manage your kidneys as well as possible, which can help improve your prognosis of kidney transplant.

- take a regular health care visits, including dental checkups, flu shots, EKGs, stress testing, colorectal exams, mammograms and pap smears for women, and prostate exams for men etc.

- submit your blood samples monthly. If you are on hemodialysis, your health care team will help you do this. If you are not on dialysis, we are here to help. Make an Appointment with Us.

- contact your transplant center immediately as long as you change your contact information.

- try herbal supplements. Many herbs are tonic to the kidneys and alleviate the symptoms of kidney disease naturally. If you have an interest, you can get the recommended herbs list by contacting

- enjoy your life with your family and friends. Never just wait for a phone call from transplant center at your home!

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